17 July, 2007

Cleaning Up

Since we are waiting for so many shipments and have so little in stock, we've spent a couple of days cleaning up VO's stockroom. This afternoon I'll put a few odds and ends and samples I've found in the specials section of our E-store. Head over later for some good deals, including a couple of frames.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any update on the production VO frames?


Velo Orange said...

The big delay in the production frames right now is getting the right lugs. We have been waiting for weeks for various samples to arrive, otherwise the design work is done. I was hoping to have the frames by winter, but it now looks like we'll have to shoot for a delivery sometime next spring. Waiting for stuff is the most frustrating part of my job.

Anonymous said...

As interesting to have appek into your store room as it is to look into other people's shops. Beautiful tool cabinet in the first picture--from your wooden boat days? and that rack for shellacing grips is pretty neat and practical too.
M Burdge