11 June, 2007

More Le Cirque Photos

I've added another 36 photos of interesting bikes from Le Cirque. Which bike is your favorite ?


Michael S said...

That's a tough question, with so many stunning bikes. The restored Legano is pretty cool, though.

What's the story with the Sachs "Rene Singer" lugs?

Anonymous said...

Other than Weigle's Mixte, favorite is Picture 87 of 88. What is it?????



Anonymous said...

Gotta love that stem and stopwatch holder on photos 67 and 68. My favorite is the green Mariposa.
Jerry Somdahl

James said...

What the world needs is a velo orange watch mount similar to whatever is one that black bike.

JoelMatthews said...

I wear a big honking Bell Ross BR01 when I ride. A watch handle bar mount would be mighty neat. Indeed, the BR01 is modeled after cockpit time pieces. After the planes became worthless, the pilots would scavange the clock, fashion a band and have a real nice watch.

As for favorites, I like the Mariposa, the White Jack Taylor and, of course, Wiegle's Mixte.

They are all nice bikes

JoelMatthews said...


87 is the Retrotec Twin. Retrotec are made by Curtis Inglis, along with his eponymous Inglis road bikes, in Napa, CA.

Check them out at Ingliscycles.com.

Curtis is fairly unique among the custom builders, in that he is taking the old US middle weight designs as his guide. Like the other Pac N'West builders, his output tends to favor mountain bikes.

Some of the road bike Retrotecs are really nice though.

Anonymous said...

Joel Matthews.

Thanks for the information about retrotec.