11 May, 2007

More on Mounting Chainguards

Peter Weigle kindly sent some photos and an explanation of various chainguard mounting systems.

"I took a few shots of the 1959 Rene Herse ladies 650B bike that has a Lefol chain guard and a Herse front derailleur. The guard is stationary and does not move with the derailleur.
The mounting is clever. There is a piece of 5mm rod brazed to the side of the down tube. A fender draw bolt then secures the top of the guard to the rod. Adjustment in and out couldn't be easier. The rear is bolted to the hand made derailleur.

I've also included a shot of some Mistral clamp-on chainguard hardware, same idea with no brazing.

The last shot is a Huret front derailleur clamp that has a chainguard mount built in.

Couldn't resist sending a shot of my 1953 Peugeot PX 45, 650B of course, a real charming bike!"

Thanks Peter.

I also have an unusual Simplex chainguard that has a rod, as on the Mistral hardware, attached to the guard itself. The clamp incorporates a draw-bolt.

Finally, the Velo Orange city bikes have threaded rods that go into 5mm bosses on the down and seat tubes. There is a nut welded to the end of the rod and the attachment screws for the chainguard thread into those nuts. This system allows the chainguard to be precisely adjusted in-and-out and up-and-down. In addition, there is almost nothing left on the frame if you chooses not to use a chainguard.

Click on any of the photos for larger versions.


Anonymous said...

I like the Mistral hardware. It could easily be copied, possibly be made even thinner, polished and more elegant - and if one chooses not to run a chainguard, then there is truly nothing on the frame.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed the ring mounted on the backside of the crank flange. I suppose you'd gain clearance for the guard between the carnk arm and the ring.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I just realized that the $10 Gitane I bought at the swap last week has the proper derailleur for the Simplex chainguard!

Anonymous said...

Your chainguard setup looks nicer than the Herse, THAT'S saying something!
Another simple VO product idea: how about nice shiny Herse style crank-arm bolts for use without dust caps?

Dad said...

It really is a great design for the VO chainguard setup.

Chainguards are cool. I never ride my drop-bar road bike wearing regular pants; they'll definitely get soiled. Having a chainguard would be a major boon, but the FD is right there in the way.

The guard on Mr. Weigle's Peugeot looks to be a really functional, plain design. I like it a lot.