17 April, 2007

Via Bikes and a 1950s Peugeot Randonneus

The highlight of the open house, for me, was meeting Ralph and the rest of the crew from Via Bikes. In case you don't know about them, Via is a huge, 10000 square foot, bike store in Philadelphia that specializes vintage parts. Have a look at their web site.

In any case, not only did Ralph and gang drive three hours through the worse storm to hit the Mid-Atlantic in 15 years, but they brought this phenomenal bike to lend to us as a store display. Talk about above and beyond the call...

The bike is a 1950s Peugeot Complete with Simplex 543 rear derailleur, Beborex brakes, Rigida rims, Simplex Hubs, and Ideale 59 alloy rail saddle. Just too cool. The rest of the photos are here. And another set is here.

Thanks again to everyone at Via.

Finally, Ed Felker posted a couple of open house photos on his very cool blog, The Daily Randonneur.


Anonymous said...

Looks like something Fred DeLong rode.

david_nj said...

That is one stonking machine. Just love it.

bikeville said...

Chris, thanks so much for the hospitality, a very gracious host. I see myself visiting you again soon, and I would love to check out Annapolis by bike. Your shop seems to be in a beautiful location.
Maybe I can bring down some of the guys from Bilenky to spend some money;)

Brian said...

Trophy Bikes has the 'Great British Weekend' every year, and here is a picture of our group at Via from that event:


bikeville said...

cool picture, your blog is cool too.

I don't know if Trophy bikes is going to have a british bike weekend this year, not in their calender.

Always a cool weekend, nice to meet all the Anglophiles, and see cool bikes.

bikeville said...

just got an email from Mike Mcgettigan from Trophy, and the Great British Bike Weekend will take place, in Sept. or Oct.

A date will be announced in the future, and is really a nice weekend, including rides, seminars, pub crawl and a little swap meet.