02 April, 2007


I'd like to thank our Japanese friends and customers today. Some 95 years ago the people of Japan gave the US 300 cherry trees. These were planted near the Tidal basin in Washington DC were they still grow and have been joined by thousands more.

In Japan this is the time of year when families go to view the sakura, or cherry blossoms. It's an old and important tradition. They have picnics and festivals and enjoy the Spring day.

Yesterday we went to view the sakura and stroll beneath them too ( it was too crowded for bike riding.) There are more photos here.


Anonymous said...

The Japanese gave us symbolizm of cherry trees; the French, the Statue of Liberty; the English, the building blocks for our democracy, and the Danes, the Danes gave us Aquavit and rolle polse.

Velo Orange said...

And don't forget, the Poles gave us vodka and (No; it wasn't the Russians.) and gołąbki and polka. Ummm, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely pics. Thanks for posting. The young'n is quite the handsome little sprite.

Anonymous said...

Kielbasa, too (only we Hungarians call it kolbasz)

-- Steve Palincsar