19 March, 2007

Racks 'R Us

We just recieved samples of our new chrome plated racks and decaleurs from Japan. These are based on our current racks, but are less expensive versions. They will also be made in larger production runs so we won't run out as often.

The long term plan is to have two lines of racks, the less expensive chrome plated line of racks and decaleurs made in Japan and a fancy line made from stainless steel here in the US. The next version of the US-made front racks will have built-in decaleurs; I don't think that's ever been done on a production rack.

A few details about the Japanese racks: First they won't be available until sometime this summer and I don't have final pricing yet. The new racks and decaleurs will be available wholesale to other shops. Please notice the shape of the platform on the new front rack, rounded back corners. And the chrome is polished, not matt finished as on current Nitto racks for example. Click on the photos for a larger image.

Speaking of Nitto racks, we now have the Nitto model M12 in stock. It's designed for bikes with cantilever brakes and at $50 it's a real bargain. Also-this newest version has light mounts on both sides.

Finally, we'll have the wider (semi-portuer?) version of the constructuer rack available in a month or two, but we're only doing a small first run of them to see how they sell.

In other news, we hope to have the VO aluminum fenders available in a few moths and we may have found a source for the stainless steel version.


thefastfifty said...

they look great, can't wait to see the prices.
how about the rack top dimensions?
and these are made from tubular 4130?



nv said...

These look great! The "full" front rack is lovely!
Is the weight similar to that of the stainless steel racks?
I also cannot wait to see prices...
Great work Chris!


Retroman said...

Hey Chris
They look nice enough. Maybe they will find a niche with those who want to powdercoat to match.
A blogblurb on setting up a set of racks would be an interesting read.

david_nj said...

I love the racks, but is there any way to have a slightly more elegant fitting at the bottom to hold the end of the strap, etc.? I realize this was an issue for your machine shop on the SS models, but perhaps the production shop would be better able to deal with this? It's the only thing about these racks that isn't A+++ authentic in my view.

Chris Kulczycki said...

The new front racks weigh within a half ounce of the stainless steel version. They are 4130 steel. The rear rack is actually a bit lighter. Platforms are roughly the same size as on our current racks. The prices I'm shooting for are about 30%-35% below that of the current stainless racks. But the stainless racks with built-in decaleurs will be more.

The stainless VO racks now have the pretty lower loop per David's request. I just haven't updated the photos, but you can see it on the "semi-porteur" rack.. And I do plan to ask the Japanese factory about a similar loop.

ANDY said...

Nice rack! I love the wide porteur-style rack. Would it have the rounded back like the regular front rack?

How's the storefront/showroom comign along?

Anonymous said...

a question re: the Nitto rack. Do you know offhand if it will fit a Surly CrosscheckÉ
Another question: does anyone know how to return this keyboard toa faormat that allows quotation marks and question marks instead of accented esÉ
M Burdge

Anonymous said...


Does the Nitto Model M-12 require any special fittings on the brake studs in order to work with Paul cantilevers?


Wet Willy

C said...

The M12 and other brake mounted racks can be mounted to Paul brakes by using longer bolts and a plastic spacer. I got mine at my local Ace hardware for $4.00. There are black plastic spacers that fit perfectly into the Paul tension nut. You will want to get a longer bolt for security. Using the stock bolt and the spacers would be asking for trouble.

Chris Kulczycki said...

The wide rack probably won't have the rounded rear corners.

The storefront is taking longer than I thought. The owner of the first space is being a tough negotiator, so I just looked at another space.

I think I've seen a M12 rack on a Crosscheck, but I'm not 100% certain.

Anonymous said...

To all,

Paul does sell a longer screw for his brake if you want to use a rack like Nitto M12. It is not listed on their site but give them a call.


Greg said...

Paul's also sells custom bolts to do the same job as the longer bolts and plastic spacers. Also charge way, way more money.

Chris, I nominate Full Frontal Rack to be the name of the, well, full front rack. Then everyone can giggle when you receive a comment like, "Nice rack". Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Also, greg, sorry--Surly has beaten you to it with the cheeky name for the rack.
M Burdge

James said...

Are those oranges or pickled diakons?
Hopefully this isn't the last of the parts photographed on japanese newspaper sitting next to food.
Did you choose the chopsticks and plate because they went with the BW paper?
Do you have any parts that would look good next to red bean buns?

Chris Kulczycki said...

James, They are diakons.

Of course not, I have plans for a traditional banquet.

No, it was because they were part of my lunch.

I was thinking that water bottle cages would go well with rice cakes, but I'll ponder the red bean paste buns. Headsets perhaps?

Big Head Red said...


How is the new decaleur different than the old? Is it a lighter version, as suggested in BQ?

M Burdge:

Yes, the M12 will fit on a Crosscheck.

You will need to tweak the stays a little outward and downward though.


or here:



Chris Kulczycki said...

The decaleurs are now being made with lighter gauge tubes. Also tubing, instead of rod, is used for the U-shaped section.

The new ones will be chrome plated instead on stainless and less expensive.