26 March, 2007

1st Annual Birthday Sale

If you've been to the store today, you might have noticed many items on the home page are on sale. Since today is Velo Orange's first birthday we decided to start an annual sale.

I'd have put more sale items in the store, but we spent most of the day packing Honjo fenders. You guys inundated us with fender orders. Please check back in the specials section over the next few days as we add more items.

Thanks for your support.


buck 50 said...

Happy birthday! Y'all have been a welcome addition for those of us who love classic, beautiful and practical bike things.

by the way... those bike riders on your cake- where the heck do you get those?

Greg in Zurich said...
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Greg in Zurich said...

Happy birthday, always a pleasure to log in and see whats going on here.

Some more of those patisserie riders:

Michael S said...

Happy Birthday, VO! Chris, any idea when the storefront will be open? I'll be in Annapolis in a couple weeks.

Chris Kulczycki said...

Here is the link for the little racers.


We got them on E-bay for our son ;<).

Jim G said...

That cake gives new meaning to "mixed-terrain cycling"! ;) Happy Birthday VO!

Anonymous said...

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji pierwszej rocznicy wspanialego blogu!


Anonymous said...


You are a breath of fresh air in bike community, which is not too bad to begin with. But your designs put quality above all else.

Keep up the good work.