28 March, 2007

It's a Party and a Ride

This is our new space. It's only 1200 square feet, but it's a couple of blocks from historic downtown Annapolis. It'll be an atelier, gallery, showroom, or something. But it will not be a regular bike shop. Whatever it will be, it will be open, in some form, on the afternoon of April 15 and you're all invited to drop by for a glass of wine, snacks, and to either see some of our products or help us unload boxes, depending on how close to being finished we are. I'll post details and a map later.

Earlier that day you might want to attend The Ride for Shelter. It's a neat bike ride in Annapolis to raise money for the local homeless shelter. I was told this morning that I'd volunteered to run the swap meet. So bring all your old bikes and parts. We'll ask you to donate a small percentage of your take to the shelter. I'll post details on that too.

One of the reasons we live in Annapolis is that it's as close to a small European city as you'll find in the US. There are narrow brick streets, an old harbor, lots of cafes and restaurants, little B&Bs, artist's studios, many (almost) secret passageways between the streets, and even a couple of very old colleges. So you might make it a weekend and enjoy the place.


Joel said...

Wish I could get away from Chicago for a weekend. As it is, were it not for the commute, I would have no time even for biking.

The space looks nice and fitting of VO. Simple, classy, with ample room for custom touches. Hope VO enjoys many wonderful years there.

One of my planned rides will take me to the MidAtlantic. I think I will have to give Annapolis a look see.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I could be there as well. San Francisco is a bit far away. All the best for VO!

Alan said...

Chris, congratulations on opening the store, I'll toast the opening with a glass of wine in the Twin Cities as I will be unable to attend. I love old brick buildings and your store looks fitting for the VO business. Should I ever happen to be near Maryland the shop will certainly become a destination for me. Best of luck with the store and enjoy the celebration.

Dave Cramer said...

Very nice! We have friends in Northern Maryland we visit several times a year. I'll see if I can ride down there and visit some time this summer!


neil m berg said...

Where do you want to meet for the celebration? Pierre's Bistro?

Alan said...


Pierre's Bistro sounds wonderful. In all liklihood I will be multi-tasking that day. That is, I will be celebrating the VO store opening while attempting to complete my income tax return at the same time. That does take a bit of the edge off of the celebration. It's not easy being a procrastinator.


Brian said...

O-n-l-y 1200 square feet? Hey, that's the size of my home!

BTW - it looks really nice!