20 March, 2006

Welcome to Velo Orange

That's me with my son, Alec. We both love to ride bikes.

The photo below is of my wife, Annette, with Alec on a tour in France. It had been cold and rainy and uphill most of the day. Alec stoked the trailer-bike and we made it to the half-ruined monastery that was to be our hotel by mid afternoon. The sign on the door said “we’ll open at 18:00.” They are troopers.

So the Velo Orange blog will be about bicycles, cyclo-touring, with maybe a bit of politics thrown in. Eventually, I hope to develop a site to sell some odds and ends that will be of value to the cyclo-tourist and Randonneur.

Oh yes, my bike is orange.

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David Pearce said...

Dear Velo-ORANGE,

I see I've gotten back to the original beginning of VO! I love you and your site!

Today I retrieved a Cycles Victor (Paris), way too tall for me, and a smaller Raleigh, both from the 1970s or 1980s (?), which I had given to a friend when I thought he might use them.

But he is not a cyclist like I am, nor did I know then what I know now. Bicycles are blessed things. They must never be left out in the weather, to rot and rust.

Now I will see if I can make anything out of these rusted old things, and see whether they are worth making anything out of.

Thanks for creating Velo-ORANGE.

Brothers & Sisters in Biking,

David Pearce,
Washington, D.C.