20 March, 2006

Pass Hunting

Living in the almost flat little coastal city of Annapolis, Maryland, I never thought this area was ripe for pass hunting. You know about pass hunting? It's that French and Japanese sport of collecting mountain passes you've ridden over. The only rule is that the pass must be marked by a sign or on a map. Do 100 and you get a pin or certificate or something. In any case, it turns out that we have a pass just outside of town. Only 99 more to go. And yes, that sign does say "Elev. 141 ft"

I think I'll head over to theShenandoah Mountains in a few weeks and try a pass or two.

Here are some links related to pass hunting:


The Governing body:


The rules in English:


Other sites and photos:




In Japan there are several models of bikes made specifically for pass
hunting. Usually they are like lower geared randonneur bikes, but some
have flat bars.




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ydrive said...

I live in central California, looks like I'm in luck! https://www.dangerousroads.org/north-america/usa/4589-list-of-sierra-nevada-road-passes.html