21 October, 2015

Stuff on Sale, Frames, Bags, Tires

By Chris

Please check out our special page. We've put some great stuff on sale, including Onza tires, Relevate frame bags, and Velo Transit Panniers.

We've also put Campeur frames on sale to make room for the 2016 version. The next production run will be a new color, though we're still undecided on exactly what that color will be (waiting for samples). I should note that at least one staff member thinks the current gray is the best frame color we've ever had and is lobbying hard to keep it. What color would you like to see?

We also have a couple blemished Camargues on the specials page.  Little scratches on the chain stay or the barrel adjustor. Otherwise, these frames are brand new. These are the sort of little scratches that any frames will get after a couple of months of use.

Finally, there is one medium-sized Piolet with a minor paint blem on the seat tube extension. It looks like a tiny air bubble in the paint.


Anonymous said...

My Campeur, in addition to being my overall favorite bike ever, is also my favorite bike color ever (so far). But I probably shouldn't get a vote since I already have one. ;-)

Mark Drury said...

Forcing my hand, I see. I was cavalierly awaiting the holidays to broach the subject of a new Campeur frame with the spouse but may, instead, need to invent a "Happy Bike Frame Halloween" tradition or the like, one which will be a hard sell. And any color other than the Gorgeous Gray on this frame would be a travesty, honestly. Regards,

Mark D.

P.S. Save your best 57-59cm example for me, please.

Anonymous said...

Another vote to keep the gray, one of the nicest yet most subtle production bike paint jobs I've ever seen.


Anonymous said...

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of seeing a Campeur "in person" for the first time. I can't say I have ever seen more attractive paint on any bike that was not a Waterford or other much more expensive bike. I almost want one even though I already have a terrific touring bike that suits my needs fine. I would keep the gray.

Paul H in MKE

Sean Baird said...

I'm in agreement with everyone above, the subtle changes in color and glittery effects of the current Campeur paint are incredible. I'm regularly surprised after more than a month of daily riding. Big shoes to fill!

Lee Vilinsky said...

I recall seeing some canary yellow Campeur frames for the overseas market and thought, "gee, why in the world wouldn't they offer this in North America?"

I'm a huge fan of deep, vibrant primaries. I've never seen the gray Campeur in person, and I'm sure it's gorgeous. But I think vibrant colors really make the frame pop and turn a few more heads. You guys absolutely nailed it with the Piolet's blue. Let's get some yellow Campeurs!

Just don't do orange. Too many cross/touring bikes like that already (*ehem* Soma Wolverine, later copied by Surly).

teamdarb said...

I vote champagne. That's a very neutral color that doesn't yell in the woods.

jonathansmith68 said...

Any chance you'll be seeing another shipment of Camargues before the year is over? Specifically looking for aa 56cm. Thanks!

Jim Mearkle said...

Is anything changing besides the paint?

VeloOrange said...

No 56's to arrive this year.

Just the color for now!


beloveless said...

I had hoped to one day purchase a Campeur but if it is not grey, I will not pay. The grey nearly makes up for it not being a lugged frame. Honestly, I would be looking elsewhere if the color changed.

jonathansmith68 said...

I've had my Campeur for a few years now and couldn't be more happy with it. I truly feel it is one of the best production touring frame-set options available today. S&S coupling and lug options would be a nice touch but I'm not sure how much of a demand this would generate. All that being said, change isn't always the worst thing in the world and I wouldn't mind seeing a color-refresh to another classy color.

@beloveless Well you better buy one now while their on sale! (unless you need a 53cm)

@igor Ah bummer! Any ideas when you guys will be receiving another shipment of Camargues? Called a dozen or more shops here in Chicago and had no luck tracking a 56cm down.

VeloOrange said...

jonathansmith68, We probably won't get more Camargues soon. Most folks seem to be ordering Piolets instead.

David Seipel said...

Which of your frame bags would you suggest for a medium Piolet? I compared listed seat tube and top tube lengths and the 56cm frame was most similar, do you guys have any first hand experience?

jonathansmith68 said...

Well I guess I'll just have to join the club then!