10 August, 2023

The VO Blog Has Migrated!

After 17 years, we will no longer update this blog platform. Google will no longer support Blogger and the associated programming we have put into it. So! Going forward, you can find all things related to Velo Orange News, products, tips and tricks, and custom bike builds on our website's native blog platform found here: https://velo-orange.com/blogs/theveloorangeblog

We've transferred our most popular blog posts to the new platform, so they won't be lost even if Blogger shuts down. We've even been posting new content, so if you missed updates, check it out!

In the meantime, the blog will be a sort of legacy time capsule. There are loads of articles about products we've designed, tested, produced, and since discontinued. There are custom bike builds from well known builders, and musings from travels all over the world. 

There will be quirks in formatting. There will be broken links after 17 years. No, it isn't mobile optimized. Do we have Porteur Chainguards anymore? No, we don't. Do we still offer a Sugino 50.4 Crankset? No, not for over a decade. Do we have a Carbon Fiber Mixte? No, that was an April Fools Day post.

But enjoy the content on this blog while it lasts. Will Google shut Blogger all down in the next couple years or will it last until the Sun burns out? We aren't 100% sure, but enjoy it. 

Click through random dates on the right side of the page. There are some seriously cool gems in there!

Happy Riding,

The Velo Orange Crew


Couponsheaven said...

As one door closes, another opens! Your cycling insights have been a beacon of knowledge, and I'm thrilled to continue the journey with Velo Orange on the new blog platform. Keep the wheels turning! 🚲🌞

Anonymous said...

Thank you For the update!

Mike said...

Fascinating blog. I first heard of VO when I saw a city rider with one of your heavy duty twin kickstands. He let me examine it and try it, and I bought one for my Dutch bike. I've had it a decade. Good deal.
I really love French curved forks. I think new bikes look very sad without them.