02 December, 2022

Drop Your Drop Bars!

by Igor

We've already extolled the virtues of changing your handlebars to change how your bike feels (in fact, we've even done a how-to video!). Changing from drop bars to flat or upright bars changes your riding position, the bike's handling, and the fun factor to turn a stagnant bike into a brand new one - all without spending a ton of dough. So let's dive into my Pass Hunter where we dropped the drop bars for some Seine bars!

This bike mostly gets ridden off road on lighter duty local trails, double track, and to and from the house. I have a road bike and an all-rounder, so I don't need fenders and dynamo lighting and all the gizmos, so something simple and unencumbered is what I was looking for.

In the effort to simplify, I opted to go with Sensah 1x shifty bits: CRX Shifter, SRX Rear Derailleur, and 11-46 Cassette. It's simple and without fuss.

Going with these components also gives me the ability to switch back to drop bars using the Sensah SRX Integrated Shifters if I want to change it up in the future. They're all a really good value and not a huge investment to try out a flat or drop bar system.

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