22 September, 2022

Reconnecting with Half Clips

By Scott

Half Clips are one of those sort of cycling products that you didn't know you needed until you knew they existed. For city riders using sneakers, boots, and canvas shoes, Half Clips are a blessing. No more having your feet fly off the pedals when your cadence reaches maximum RPM!

What makes our Half Clips shine are their generous height and width. Other half clips that we looked at were very low, which is fine if you were only using cycling shoes. For those of us who want to ride in boots or hiking shoes in the winter or sneakers in the summer, the taller height (3.3 cm from base to the top of the clip) of our Half Clips lets you fit your shoes in easily and more comfortably.

On the site here, they work with any pedal that has the holes to accept toe clips. You can even throw them on Sabot Pedals if you want the ultimate in shoe to pedal interface. We even include the hardware to install them. What sort of shoes do you use with your half clips? Let the world know about your combinations in the comments below.

FYI, we're going to discontinue them once this stock is depleted, so stock up now!


drew said...

Now I'm even more glad a ordered a pair of these from you last week for my commuter bike.

Andy said...

Hmm, I may try these on my fatbike for winter commuting. I wear cheap insulated hiking/hunting boots.

For most of my riding, I really like my Power Grips, but only some of my shoes fit through them without having to adjust them.