12 August, 2022

Microshift Advent Super Short X Neutrino Mini Velo - Ride Review

by Igor

We usually recommend Shimano Zee or Sram road 1x derailleurs for Neutrinos, but those derailleurs and accompanying components can be hard to find reliably nowadays. So when I saw Microshift launch their new Advent Super Short groupset, I was thrilled. We ordered a group, mounted it on a Neutrino and started doing some testing.

Some background on the Neutrino drivetrain: because of the smaller wheel, you'll want a more compact (shorter) derailleur that ideally has a clutch. Basically something that has good range and good chain retention. The Shimano Zee (downhill components mostly) was really the only game in town for a while. But with supply chain interruptions it was very difficult to find Zee stuff. 

10sp Shimano Zee

We've also run Sram Rival and Force 1x rear derailleurs, but they are a bit longer since they are designed for full-size wheels. There isn't really a worry about them touching the tire when fully extended, but if you bump/bend your derailleur hanger, clearances are reduced. For the record, I've been running my Neutrino with a Rival rear derailleur and an 11-32 cassette for a long time without issue. For a much more in depth article about Neutrino drivetrains and setups, check out our Neutrino Tips and Tricks post!

The chain is close, but it clears fine.

Enter the Microshift Advent Super Short groupset. This group was originally designed for some of the new kids and smaller-sized mountain bikes that use 20-24" wheels. The idea is that you don't need enormous 10-52t cassettes for smaller wheels, the simpler 9 speed system is more affordable and easier to maintain, all the while having some really good performance for off-road activities. Honestly, it's kind of perfect for the Neutrino.

Fully extended, the longer upper cage design solves the problem of the aforementioned Sram rear derailleurs. The bottom of the cage is miles away from the tire and there is ample room between the tire and chain above the chainstay. There is also a clutch you can turn on and off by way of a switch. I just leave it on because I didn't notice any difference in shifting with the clutch disengaged and you never know when you want to get rad.

I never really noticed my chain slapping around on the trails or off curbs around town, so that tells me the clutch is working. Paired with our 1x Crankset with Narrow-Wide Chainring, I haven't had any dropped chains.

The cassette range of 11-38t is generous. Smaller wheels naturally have a lower gear ratio, so you never really run out of gear on the lower end. The cassette is a little on the heavy side, but everything shifts very consistently and without any drama on the lowest end. Sometimes the big gear jumps on 9 speed super wide range cassettes aren't the smoothest, but no problem on this one. 

The indexed flat bar shifter is simple with a thumb button for getting into an easier gear and a trigger for harder gears. There is a little rubber pad which makes for a nice grip when shifting. 

All-in-all I've been very pleased with the group's performance! It's easy to use, shifts great, and has a perfect range. If you've been thinking about this group for your Neutrino, you won't be disappointed.

Furthermore, we were talking about this group's application, and we think it would make for a really good way to do a 1x conversion on a full-sized wheel bike.

You can find the complete build list for this bike right here, and a link to this group here.


Velomann said...

I'm curious whether a Microshift 9-speed thumbshifter has the same pull as the Advent trigger shifter - I generally prefer thumbies and while I LOVE the Advent and Advent X line (Microshift is saving the Bike Universe IMHO), the lack of thumbies in the Advent lineup is a minor bummer.

VeloOrange said...

@ Velomann- No the regular 9 speed Microshift thumbshifter will not work with it. The derailleur only works with the Advent line of shifters.

Timbitt said...

Have 9spd Advent on 2 bikes, both with 11-42 casettes.Love them. After 2 Canadian winters cage sideplates show rust but still work well

Anonymous said...

Can you run it with a friction shifter?

Anonymous said...

@ Velomann - Microshift does make an Advent 9 speed thumb shifter. They are making really useful products these days.

VeloOrange said...

@Anon- That pull ratio doesn't seem to play well with friction shifting, but we haven't tried it yet, so we'll have to do that to say for certain.

Lars from Mars said...

The fact that one needs to use the Advent 9 speed shifter with the derailleur. Suggests that the derailleur may be a low normal (rapid rise) design. Can you comment on that? We much prefer low normal performance to the more popular high normal design.

Igor Shteynbuk said...

@Lars from Mars,

These are high normal. I don't think Microshift offers any rapid rise style derailleurs.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried running the cheaper Acolyte 8 speed series?