08 December, 2021

VO's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Component standards, preferences, aesthetics, and fit can make cyclists a hard bunch to shop for. But have no fear! We have compiled a list that is gifting ready and will make any cyclist smile with delight.

Opinel Knives

I carry my well-worn, well-patina'd Opinel no.8 Carbon on every ride. It's great for cutting up meat and cheese for an on-the-go charcuterie or opening boxes around the house.

There are two blade styles: Carbon and Stainless Steel. Carbon will age and is easier to sharpen, but you will need to take more care of it. Stainless will stay shiny and sharp longer, but is a little harder to sharpen.

Cable Cherries

Reusable, ergonomic, and cute. These Cable Cherries are the perfect bit of jewelry for the end of brake and drivetrain cables. 

Further Adventures in Rough Stuff

Further Adventures in Rough Stuff is the second volume of cycling photos and stories from the Rough Stuff Fellowship. In over 200 pages, RSF published never-before-seen photos, essays, and routes detailing cyclo-touring adventures starting in the 1950s.

Runwell 15mm Wrenches

Simply put, this is likely the nicest 15mm Wrench you can buy for your track or fixed gear bike. They're ergonomic and a beauty to hold in your hand. We also have a To-Go sized 15mm Wrench.

Runwell Top Cap

These Top Caps add form to function. They're handcrafted by master copperware craftsman, Mr. Kazuya Watanabe. They are stunning and would make even the most weight-weeny roadie accept something non-carbon on their bike.

Mini Rando Bags

The Mini-Rando fits on nearly any bike with drop bars and does not require any racks or additional hardware. It will be your favorite go-to for all day, fun, mixed-terrain rides. It's the perfect size for easy access to your compact camera, cell phone, keys, wallet, snacks, and light jacket.

Fender Reflectors

These Reflectors add an element of elegant safety. They mount securely onto nearly any fender. Simply drill a hole!

Brass Striker Bells

Ding-ding! These Bells can either mount directly around a quill or with an 1 1/8" headset adaptor. Keep it safe and stylish.

Safety Pizzas

Safety and fun for the whole family! Design your favorite slice of pizza with the included toppings and mount on your bike.

Accessory Mount

Gifts are all about accessories, so why not an Accessory Mount? These clamp around the handlebar and give the rider lots of options for mounting lights, GPS, computers, etc...

Steel Vintage Bikes Book

The fabulous folks at Steel Vintage Bikes in Berlin, Germany have produced a book showing a collection of steel bikes they have restored over the years. With bikes ranging from 1927 to 1989, there are bikes you've never seen along with technical elements sure to excite.

E-Gift Card

Shopping for someone else but not sure how to outfit their bike? Give them the gift of choice with a Velo Orange e-gift card.

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Ford said...

Some fun and unusual items there, even for picky cyclists!