14 July, 2021

New Seine Bars and Rubbery Bar Tape!

by Igor

Seine Bars Float In

The new Seine Bar is an offroad-worthy riser bar featuring a super comfortable position with loads of real estate and leverage for long days in and out of the saddle. 

Straddling the line between touring and full-on MTB, these bars are wide - 780mm to be exact. This width allows you to select climbing lines with ease and navigate bumpy descents without drama. If they're too wide for your trail or your commute, they can still be cut down to really dial in your fit.

The rise is a cool 40mm and sweep is 35°. So while these were mainly designed to satisfy off-road touring enthusiasts' mixed terrain needs, they are an excellent option for commuters and flat-bar gravel connoisseurs alike. 

They're currently available on the VO webstore in a bead-blast finish in Silver and Black.

Rolling out Rubbery Bar Tape

Handlebar tape selection can make or break your bike's comfort. So we're pleased to offer this grippy, cushy, and beautiful Rubbery Bar Tape.

For mixed-terrain rides where things can go from chill to loose at a moment's notice, having a handlebar wrap that you won't slide off of is paramount. 

Quick specs: 200cm in length, 3.5mm thick (that's thick), and available in three colors (Brown, Black, and White). 

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