07 February, 2020

Today's New and Re-Stocked Arrivals

by Igor

Though the weather outside is frightful, we were greeted with a container this morning filled with fresh frames, parts, and accessories!

First, a big thank you for everyone who pre-ordered Neutrinos this go-around. They're currently getting inspected and sent off. If you're outside the lower 48 States, keep an eye on your emails with additional shipping details and if you wanted to get anything else along with your order, let us know.

If you plan to travel with the Neutrino, check out this step-by-step video we made disassembling the bike and putting it into an Odyssey Traveler Bag. We're getting some of these bags next week, hang tight.

Because the Neutrino uses a 31.6 seatpost, we decided to adapt our current Zero Setback integrated clamp design to a 31.6, 400mm Seatpost with Medium Setback. The original design of the Neutrino spec'd a 27.2 seatpost, but with the increased post lenth exposure, we found it a bit too flexy for our liking, thus we went with 31.6 and it was a good choice.

While the seatpost's intended application is for the mini-velo, 31.6 is turning out to be the new standard for stouter bike applications and bikes with dropper posts. It's currently available in Polished Silver and Noir.
The Polyvalent gets a new look wearing Rainbow Sparkle Black paint! All of the specs and geometry remains the same. I can't wait to see these built up! We also still have a few 51cm Polyvalents in Emerald Green on super sale. Get them while you can.

We also still have a few 51cm Polyvalents in Emerald Green on super sale. Get them while you can.

We also restocked on some popular parts and accessories:

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Grego said...

That's an attractive seatpost. Nice work!
Thank you for improving our bicycle ecosystem!