27 November, 2019

Some Videos to Watch as You Digest

By Scott

We'll be closed Thursday and Friday of this week for Thanksgiving. We'll be back in the office on Monday, Dec 2nd at 9 am.

Normally, I'm all for the world of the written word - I've recommended books and such in the past, but I thought perhaps I'd throw some videos into play this year. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the darkness is falling and unless you have skookum lights like the one Igor has on the Pass Hunter, you are likely still spending more time inside rather then out.

So here are some movies/videos/features to watch over the next while. I'm not trying to encourage anti-social behaviour (watching these around the dinner table may get you hairy eyeballs) - but I think these are entertaining for even the non-cycling members of the family.

I Just Want To Ride - Lael Wilcox's story of this years Tour Divide from Banff, Canada down to the Mexico border. Some great views of a wonderful part of the country and a very interesting person to get to know over the 38 minutes of the movie.

The Suilven Escape by Alastair Humphrey's is a great example of multi model travel- Train, bikes and pack rafts, with a bit of hiking thrown in there. Al does great videos and this little 7 minute movie will get you looking at Scotland and train schedules quickly

Last Woman Standing- a movie not cycling related at all, but a great story of persistence and fortitude. It's a movie about one woman- Nicky Spinks from the UK- and her attempt to finish the Barkely Marathons. Its a trail running race in Tennessee and it's one of the hardest events to finish in the world.

This is one of my favorite one-shot, continuous videos. It features Brandon Semenuk, a world-renowned slopestyle rider doing what he does best.

The Stars and The Water Carriers is a documentary following the 1973 Grio d'Italia. If you haven't watched classic cycling races, this is a great one to get into the mindset.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! We'll see you on Monday!

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