17 October, 2019

2019 French Fender Day

by Igor

French Fender Day at Peter Weigle's is always a treat. Great people, unique bikes from all eras, delicious pot-luck food, and nice riding makes for a wonderful day out.

I'm gonna start out this year's recap with super clever L. Pitard touring bike from the 50's. This one features a super trick wheel-lock and kickstand setup that I have never seen before. On the non-driveside chainstay there is a combo lock with an extension. You swivel it, extend it through the wheel's spokes, and insert into the looped receiver on the driveside chainstay.

Then you move the non-driveside pedal to the low point, deploy the stand, and boom. Bike stands up. Innovation.

Security systems aside, this bike was chock full of constructeur nibs. Including this stem-mounted dynamo activator.

A speedo and headlamp mount.

And carrying capacity a-plenty.

Next up is this touring folding bike that started out life as a Raleigh Twenty. That is, before Shu-Sin got his hands on it. The only thing original is some of the rear end and folding triangle. Everything else has an astounding amount of custom work to turn it into this wonderful machine we saw last weekend.

Wind it up and watch it go.

Course Handlebars in Noir! Very rare.

Peter's personal ride, complete with Noir Smooth 650b Fenders.

Peter cuts his own spin on the fender ends for extra elegance.

Eye-candy knows no bounds at FFD. Beautiful Porsche 356.

Mixte's hold a special place in my heart. This Automoto was glorious.

Fanciful lugs work, top tube mounted shifter, plated fork crown.

Winged, Automoto branded chainguard.

Before lunch, we headed out for a quick jaunt. I rode my Neutrino with XXXXXXXL Handlebar Bag. See if you can spot it.

A Bishop with Ghost logos.

Woody's Polyvalent!

Number 001 Norther Klickitat with a well-used original Grand Cru Handlebar Bag.

This was one super super Diamondback Ascent. Giant front rack, drop bars, wide gears, and.....

Kelly Take Offs. Nice.

Plus a very well patina'd threadless stem affixed to our Quill Stem Adaptor.

The yearly large-format shot.

Mark my words, 2020 will be the year of foam.

As always, thank you for putting on such a great show, Peter! It's always a pleasure to head up to the New England area and ride bikes.

Do keep in mind that Philly Bike Expo is right around the corner - November 2nd and 3rd. We'll be there with a big booth. So come say hi and grab a seltzer!


Ryan said...

I’ll put my deposit down right now if VO copies that brilliant wheel lock-pedal kickstand setup! Make an SPD version too!

brian said...

Ditto what Ryan said!

Unknown said...

Thanjk you for sharing FFD.

spyfox said...

that Pitard is amazing ! all the cool stuff on it is impressive. Modern bike should hide in shame ! :-)

Andy said...

I was seriously considering "inventing" that pedal kickstand myself. The wheel lock would be necessary to make it work (or some other way of locking the crank in place.)

P.S. Your post title is meant to be "2019 French Fender Day", non?

Morlamweb said...

That's a cool vintage lock. A different take on the Dutch ringlock/wheel immobilizer.

john davis carroll said...

A true celebration of the most efficient machine ever invented in all its artistic glory. Great photos.

JohnM said...

More Photos

NEAT Mike said...

Thanks for shairing FFD. I've been wanting to go for years, but it's the same day as my wife's birthday. Yikes! Talk about tough choices.