29 August, 2019

Autumnal Action Arriving

By Scott

As August rolls into September, the heat and humidity is finally breaking (after a spring/summer with greater then 51 days over 90 deg) and fall can be seen gently approaching on the horizon. Kids are back in school/or about to go back to school and for many people, a "new" year is starting. In our end of the bike world, I find that fall is kind of a new start as well. We've traditionally brought out new frames in the fall and this year will be no exception.

In a month or so, we'll have the Neutrino Mini Velos arriving. We're so honored that there has been so many folks who grabbed onto the Mini Velo concept and have already pre ordered one. We've had folks get in touch with us with technical questions and we can't wait to see how some of these builds come out. To get your Neutrino fix, check out these amazing builds from two of our partners: Blue Lug and Road Runner Bags:



The annual Coffeeneuring challenge should be coming up later in September. I always love a coffee or tea and a bike ride, so I love this combination and the challenge is a good excuse to try a new coffee shop.

The Philly Bike Expo is only 10 weeks away (November 2nd and 3rd). We've been working on a new booth display/set up for this show and we're really excited about it. We'll have our largest booth ever at PBE and we should have a new frame to show off as well! We'll tease photos and details about it as we get closer to the show.

We're discontinuing the Campeur frameset. Simply put, the demand for another production isn't there anymore. The Polyvalents have been successful and they fill the same space for use. The sizes we have left are currently on sale so if you've been on the fence, this should put you over.

We'll still provide in-house, custom build options while frame supplies last.

Lastly, we'll be closed Monday September 2nd for Labor Day (Labour Day in Canada). If you need your order to go out this week, place it before 3pm EDT on August 30th. We'll be back in the office on Tuesday at 9am. We hope everyone can get out and enjoy a long weekend and some wonderful weather.


Big Woods Biker said...

I hate to see the end of such a nice frameset. Much like the demise of the Camarque.

VeloOrange said...

Me too. It had its time in the sun, but thus is life. And the market...

Dave Small said...

You've carried this a long time, and it's been worthy of that life span. It's an outstanding all-around frameset, good for loaded touring, tooling around town, and everything in between. The mid-trail steering geometry lets me carry a bag on the front...or not...and it handles beautifully either way. I'm sorry to see it go; not for myself---I have two already---but for others who haven't discovered it yet and now may never discover it.


Swza said...

Any chance of making another cantilever Polyvalent with the larger tire clearance and other upgrades?