10 June, 2019

Trail Riding with the Crazy Bar'd Piolet

by Igor

In between family riding this weekend, I took a fresh Piolet build out for a spin through some of Brunswick, Maryland's local trails. Rooty, flowy, steep, and narrow are all characteristics of classic Mid-Atlantic mountain biking, and this little system had it all in spades. This also allowed me to try out the new camera system, so that we can deliver even better photos and content in the future.

While these new, upcoming Voyager Rims are only really rated for up to 2.3s, I successfully tubeless'd up some Maxxis 29x2.5 Aggressors. While Maxxis actually offers the Aggressor in rear only, I made sure to flip the front tire around so everything is copacetic.

These grips are offered by All-City and are designed to be affixed to track drop handlebars. This'll do.

Shimano SLX components take care of shifty and cranky bits.

Sabot pedals mate well with my trail hiking shoes.

Our new Grand Cru Quick-Release Skewers as a brass cam keeps our hubs in place.

And also match well to Blue Lug's Brass Stem Cap and spacer combinations.

Our new Mini-Rando Bag is a super versatile and easy to use setup for the Crazy Bars. Notice how I moved the cords to the upper loops. This kept all of my gear secure and safe.

I love the Day-Tripper Saddle Bag. Packs up nice and secure.

Bonus family riding photos:

 Adrian was riding her Neutrino prototype. More photos of that one to come!

Theo fell asleep while riding on the C&O. We may invest in Thule's stuffed animal crossbar attachment pillow for the future.


Joey said...

Bars look great. I'm glad the 31.8 mm section extends so far outwards from the clamp. Gonna buy some as soon as they're released

Horrible Old Man said...

Funny, we were just talking in the shop about how no one actually buys SLX.

VeloOrange said...

@Horrible Old Man,

SLX is like the 105 of MTB! The workhorse group.


Horrible Old Man said...

I feel that way about Deore. It’s like Deore -> XT-> XTR. SLX just gets forgotten about.

teamdarb said...

Haha, so true about SLX. I hope it continues. The price in shops is giveaway prices.