13 March, 2019

Fresh Container: Major Re-Stock and Lots o' New Stuff!

by Igor

We were greeted this morning with the most beautiful container brimming with equipment you all have been waiting so patiently for. In addition to the restock, we are introducing several new products!

Noir, 700c 63mm Fluted Fenders

Our 63mm Fluted Fenders are the perfect fit for 700c Road+ tires. Think gravel, all-road, and other buzz-worthy words. They'll swallow up tires up to 53mm to keep your backside and drivetrain clean.

Noir Fender Reflectors

Following up on more Noir offerings, we're now offering Noir Fender Reflectors!
Grand Cru Quick Release Levers
These QRs are very reminiscent of my favorite downtube shifter: the Simplex SLJ (I even have one on my keys). They feature an external cam with a lovely brass insert for durability. The opposite side has a neat, knurled barrel for easy adjustment. Did we have to make a Quick Release Set this fancy? Absolutely.

Captain Dashboard Handlebar Mount
Between strap-on handlebar bags, lights, cue-sheets, and GPS units, you might find yourself running out of room on your handlebars for gizmos and gadgets. These Handlebar Mounts are super versatile and can help position things to better serve you during rides. Each kit comes with two removable barrels, so you can utilize one or both on the bars, or detach one to use elsewhere. The barrel could then be mounted on another threaded point, for example as a light mount on your Rando Rack. Here is another idea: flip it under the bars and use it as a stand-off for a strap-on handlebar bag. The beauty is that you can get two sets and use them for vastly different applications. What will you come up with?

Course Water Bottle Cage
The keenest VO followers will note that we actually used to offer these in the past. The story is that the factory made a few hundred more than the last order cycle, and these were aged (read: sat around) waiting for the perfect opportunity to make their re-debut. Like our other cages, they're made from stainless steel and have an exceptional polish. We aren't making them again, so get them while you can. Once they're gone, they're gone (unless they find another box kicking round in 10 years).

In addition to the cool, new stuff, we had a nice restock of popular products! If you signed up for back-in-stock alerts, you should be getting an email any minute now. Here's a fairly comprehensive list of everything that is now back in stock:


Anonymous said...

Nice looking skewers. However, why go with the weaker, external cam design? This is from your own site:
"Signore Campagnolo got the design right the first time. His skewer had an internal cam that gripped well and was protected from dirt. But in the 1980s someone decided to "improve" his design by using an exposed cam. This made the skewers a few grams lighter and more modern looking. But they required a larger cam that offered considerably less holding power when the same amount of force was used on the locking lever. Riders found that they sometimes slipped on bikes with horizontal dropouts or track ends. In addition, the cam was exposed to road grime. Unfortunately, exposed cam skewers have become the norm.
So we decided to make reasonably light, well made, and inexpensive internal cam quick release skewer."

VeloOrange said...


Times change. Equipment, designs, and manufacturing have improved leaps and bounds since the 80s as well as when we first got those aforementioned skewers in. I have the utmost confidence in our new designs, having toured and commuted a ton on them using both rim and disc brakes.


Anonymous said...

But then again... When Luke Skywalker first encountered a lightsaber (his actual father's), Obi Wan Kenobi described it as: “not as random or as clumsy as a blaster; an elegant weapon of a more civilized age”. I find myself resisting many modern designs, not because I'm a luddite or retro-grouch (which I'm not), but because I find too many modern designs overly minimalistic, utilitarian and sterile. Form and function are not mutually exclusive, nor does one follow the other, rather they are fully integral. - GS

Grego said...

Cap'n Dashboard looks great! Sleek and versatile. Congratulations on such a nice-looking product!

Jeff said...

Does the Cap’n Dashboard have adaptors to fit standard sized bars? Neither the blog or product page says what size bars it fits.