11 December, 2018

Last Minute Gift Ideas

We have you covered for those last minute, awesome gift ideas for the cyclist who has everything, needs nothing, and doesn't want anything.

They fit on every bike, they're shiny, and have a pleasant ring. What isn't there to love?!

These Finnish dishware offerings are heat and cold resistant, lightweight, and have a unique, rustic look. They're great for car and tent camping, backpacking, and are dishwasher safe. Be the envy of all your #coffeeoutside friends.

Soto makes this really neat and lightweight coffee maker designed for pour-overs. It's made from stainless steel and flat packs for easy transportation. It also makes a nice combo with the Kupilka Cup.

This bottle cage will add a touch of class to any commuter, tourer, and heck, even racer. It securely holds bottles even under the roughest of terrain and can be squeezed in or out to fit plastic or metal bottles.

Secure Your Loads

Even the most awkwardest of loads can be tamed. Full Spectrum Lashing Straps are hearty, colorful, and made in Massachusetts. 

Rustines Bungee Cords are made from very high quality rubber and are great for securing light bundles. Made in France!

A good cycling cap is an essential element for the classic cyclist. It keeps the sun out of your eyes and sweat at bay. Available in four fun colors!

While few know his actual name, Jacques is a fixture here at VO. His upright position, envy-inducing moustache, and positive vibes encourages everyone to "Enjoy Life!". It looks equally great framed in an office or tacked into a workshop wall.

This saddle bag will fit on any bike and is the perfect mate for cyclo-tourists, randonneurs, roadies, and mountain bikers alike looking for a bit more capacity during an all-day ride. It's a great size for packing an extra layer, tools, wallet, keys, camera, film, and even a mini-pump.

A gift certificate to their favorite shop will always fit perfectly.

Happy Holidays!

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Mark Holm said...

I ride mostly on bike trails. Traffic is mixed: cyclists at differing speeds, families with children on bikes, stopped cyclists, walkers, joggers, bird watchers, people walking dogs. Nearly every ride includes an occasion, usually several, when someone needs to be warned of my approach. My Crane “Karen” bell, similar to VO’s “Temple” bell, works very well. Everyone who rides on the very popular rail trails or on urban trails, needs a good bell. The “Karen” and “Temple bells have some nice features. Though the clamp looks a bit clunky, it is versatile and effective. The striker can be positioned anywhere around the bell, so you can get it within easy reach of your bell thumb. By bike bell standards, they are fairly large, producing a reasonably loud, low note that carries well, yet is easily recognized as a bike bell. I am, by virtue of experience, a strong believer in bike bells and, again by experience, a fan of the “Karen” “Temple” style.