01 October, 2018

Beautiful Bikes from Boston's Builders' Ball - Porter Cycles Winged Victory

by Igor

In today's installment, we're going to take a look at this amazing city bike that Tom of Porter Cycles built. You probably watched as it went together piece by piece on his Instagram, but to see it in person is a sight to behold. Stunning, glittering paintjob, seamless rack integration, carved and polished lugs, and a beautiful art-deco chainguard all make this bike a stand-out achievement!

From the man himself, Tom:

"It became clear to me as I was building this bike that it wasn't about making the most street friendly, point A-B ride, it was about building a dream of mine and showing it off piece by piece to the world (Instagram) as I went.  Major questions of security, economics, designed objects, 'real' world vs fantasy, 'can we have nice things' all became regular topics.  In building this bike I have stated openly to myself and to those paying attention: This is me.  This is something I want to put into the world.  This is an expression of my love for bicycles, and for the elegance of metal and all its characteristics and possibility. This is time well spent in my mind. 

Custom-cut Alloy Chainguard!

Paint-matched Zeppelin Fenders 

My philosophy with this project was not to do something because I was being paid to do it, or to put a valuation on my creative output, it was simply to make the most awesome and spectacular thing possible, to test my abilities of vision and execution, and to have as much fun as possible doing it. I wanted to build the equivalent of a fallen angel that would ride among us and inspire by its shear presence.  These thoughts all developed as the project unfolded, originally I just set out to build the winged lug set I'd been drawing for the last couple years on and off for a friend that I find unbelievably inspiring."


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this. It is further evidence, if any more were needed, that American craftsmen are the equal of any.

wilsonhubbell said...

The pictures of this bike are outstanding, and even they can't capture all the character and workmanship on display. Porter won the NAHBS Best New Builder award with this bike, and the judges decisions were unanimous.