14 September, 2018

Spare Hardware Bits for Racks

By Scott

I'd say that I'm someone who tends to keep bits and pieces around. Not hoarding. Certainly I have a stash of stuff, but I'm not one of those people that has 25 chains and 16 seven speed cassettes sitting about, waiting, ah hmm, for an opportunity. I don't cruise ebay looking for stuff, but I do appreciate having extra nuts and bolts on hand should something happen.

So in this vein, we now have spare parts for our popular Front and Rear Campeur Racks. (They'll also work for Nitto Campee racks). We have the long stays for attaching the rack to braze-ons that the frame would have both for the front and rear.

We also have the shorter stays that are designed to attach to the canti posts. (You'd need the canti rack bolts to make this combination work)

Finally, we have the ever elusive hardware kit for the rack. These racks use a washer with a concave centre section to secure the rack stay, so if this goes missing in the back of the garage or lost in the foliage while you work on it outside, this is about the only way to make it work again.

Don't forget to look at our other rack hardware and accessories on offer here.


Anonymous said...

What's the diameter of hole of the last product?

VeloOrange said...

The hole is 7.1 mm ID.

Grego said...

Spares and repair parts are very customer focused. Thank you!