03 January, 2018

We're Back From Break, Plus an Update on Lilac Polyvalents

by Igor

And we're back. Happy 2018! What are some bike goals you hope to accomplish this year? I've always been more of a tourist and day-tripper, but I'm looking forward to doing a few brevets this year.

In other news, fresh off the presses: Due to popular demand, Lilac Polyvalents are now available for pre-sale as a limited edition offering.

We wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous year for you and your families!


Unknown said...

The Poly looks very nice and the specs appear good. 3 questions:
1 What is TT and DT ODs and tube thickness. Looks to be STD diameter tubes
2 What is FC on the 54cm frame??
3 Due to the low 41mm trail, is the Poly capable of a 5 to 10lb rear load (saddlebag, no rack) with a 5 to 10 lb or heavier front load??

John Hawrylak
Woodstown NJ

VeloOrange said...


1. The tubing dims are selected for each frame so they aren't too stiff on the smaller sizes. The middle sizes (54 & 57) use a 31.8 9-6-9 DT and an ovalized 31.8 9-6-9 TT, pretty standard dimensions.
2. We don't have the 54 in right now to get a real life measurement, but Scott hasn't reported any TCO with 170 cranks and fenders.
3. Absolutely, it prefers a front load bias. I usually ride with a handlebar bag and saddle bag and it's great.


David Benterou said...

What are the largest 26" and 650b/27.5" knobby tires the frame clears without fenders?


Kendra said...

This is not a question about that beautiful lilac Polyvalent, but thought I’d post it here anyway. I recall a while back there was some speculation about whether VO might offer a mixte again, maybe with disc brakes. I’m curious if there is any further thought on that matter. It’s hard to find new step-through frames that perform like a road bike, and (as far as I can tell) impossible to find ones with disc brakes. If you throw in attention to toe overlap on smalller frames, you’ll have the holy grail of transportation bikes for me!

Anonymous said...

Will you still be offering that wonderful blue as demonstrated at the 2016 Philly Bike Show?

VeloOrange said...

26x2.25 knobby or 2.3 smooth. 650b, probably 2.1 but if you're going knobby, 26" is the better option to retain handling characteristics.


VeloOrange said...

I'll put another tally for the Mixte!


VeloOrange said...

Sadly we cannot offer several colors.


Anonymous said...

I'm also eager to see a 650b/650b+ disc mixte!

Alexis said...

Splendid frame! A smell of randonneuse era with a good twist of modern. Remembers me some nice work from the Concours des Machines XX1st century editions.
The bag set is also nice. Who made those?