06 December, 2017

New Tires and Grips Replenished

By Scott

In spite of it being close to the end of the year, new stuff keeps arriving here at VO HQ.  This time it's a new size of the popular Fairweather Cruise tires - now in a 650b x 42 mm size. These tires use the same tread design as the other Cruise tires (the traditional Pasela PT tread) and Fairweather's more supple casing. We brought in the Brown tread and the Cream tread, both with a traditional tan side wall.

Measuring them on a Diagonale Rim, with 40 psi and at 150 feet of elevation, they measure a pretty spot on 42mm. Fairweather has hit a home run with their Cruise line. They provide a comfortable ride, nice grip on the rough stuff, and long life - what more could you want? Weight wise, they weigh 474 gr.

Also arriving yesterday was a restock of our very popular Rustines Constructeur Grips in Gum. These grips have proven to be the most popular color of the variations we offer. It might be the subtlety of them that allows them to work well with almost any color scheme you might have going on.

See they even work with this wild color scheme


Rod Bruckdorfer said...

Are the Fairweather tires free of a puncture guard belt? Without the puncture guard the tires will be very supple. We ride tires without puncture guards and have very few flats. The tires are 42 mm and we set the pressure at 40-45 psi (F) and 45-50 psi (R).

Andy said...

Your altitude doesn't matter when you measure tire width. Your pressure gauge is measuring "gauge pressure," which is the difference between the pressure inside and outside the tire.

Igor Shteynbuk said...

There isn't a guard like on the regular Pasela, but the tread is thick enough for long tours.