25 September, 2017

'Tis the Season...For Fenders

by Igor

*cue sad puppy music* We've all seen it. Skunk tail. Mud butt. Rooster tail. Face speckles. These are all symptoms of those without fenders riding on wet roads. Thankfully, there is an answer.

This poor soul at Eurobike didn't have fenders
*cue cheerful music* In addition to a beautiful adornment for your bike, Velo Orange fenders have a full coverage design which means that you and your bike's drivetrain will stay clean of road muck and grime. Both front and rear fenders have full wrap around the width of your tires to eliminate spray in all directions.

Snakeskin is a personal favorite of mine
Our available offerings fit lots of commonly available wheel and tire combinations. We suggest having a difference of at least 10mm between your tire size and the fender's width. For example, if you're trying to cover a 650bx42mm tire, get the 52mm Zeppelin. If you're running a 700cx28mm tire, select one of our 45mm options: Smooth, Stainless, Hammered, Noir Hammered, or Facetted.

A spot of rain on Inis Oirr, Ireland
Winter is coming so enjoy those warm, summer rains while you can.


thorir vidar said...

You don't happen to have plans to make fenders that would fit around Schwalbe Big Apple 2.35" (60-622), do you? I mean black fenders, and long ;-)

VeloOrange said...

@thorir vidar,

Sorry, no plans as of now. Going wider than 63mm would mean that there is a very high chance of the fender, chain and/or front derailleur not working well together. Not to mention that there are very few bikes with that clearance and proper fender mounting, besides the Piolet of course.


Erich Z said...

Any plans to offer narrower 26" fenders? You had mentioned it back in the re-radiusing post some time back.

Unknown said...

How about a 650 x 60 or so for all these wonderful road Plus machines.

VeloOrange said...


We're working on them! For now, re-radiusing is the way to go.


Take a peek at the Wavy fenders we have coming out, perfect for the WTB Horizons!

dolan said...

Just curious, what's the ETA on those Wavy fenders? I'm building up a 650x47 rig and would love to use those!

VeloOrange said...


Should be here before Spring. We're waiting on one more sample to ensure they pattern depth is correct.


ScottLaRock said...

Any chance the wavy fenders will be offered in black upon release? Shortly after?