22 December, 2016

Blem Stems and Frames, and Warm Holiday Wishes

by Igor

Every now and again, we find some finishes which aren't up to snuff, so they get sent to our "scratch n' sniff" bin until we feel the time is right to post them on the specials page. Today, the time has come for these Nickel-finished Cigne Stems and a few Campeur frames.

These Cigne Stems have some not-so-stellar plating with some minor inclusions under the finish and clear coat, but are in perfect functioning condition. If you're handy with a wire wheel and torch, you could even strip the finish and braze on a downtube shifter mount and cable stop:

We also just posted two paint blem'd Campeur frames and one with a dented seat collar in the Discounted Frames page. None of which affects the frame's function, but cannot be sold in our regular batch.
Lastly, we're going to be closed from December 24th until January 1st, 2017. If you want to get your order shipped before the New Year, submit your order before 11am EST of the 23rd.

Thank you so much for a fantastic and fun 2016!

Have a terrific and safe holiday season and see you all in the new year!


svenson said...

It's a very nice bike but how will you keep the chain tension? The rear dropouts are not suitable for a gearhub....

VeloOrange said...

The PolyV MK3 does have horizontal dropouts for internal gearing or single speed use. The Campeur has vertical dropouts for absolute simplicity during tours.

Jeff said...

This frame looks great Igor! Where did you find this frame?

VeloOrange said...


If you're talking about the PolyV, it's the MK3 version. We keep it around in the showroom for testing new products.