21 July, 2016

The Boyz Ride in The Park

By Chris and Igor,

Feeling a little cooped up on a beautiful summer day Igor, Clint, and I decided to play hooky for a couple of hours today. We took a ride in the park looking for blackberries.
Blackberry stop.
Locals eyeing us.
Chris swings.

A VO Six Pack Rack is perfect for Igor's camera bag
Jungle scene

Art at the community garden plots.
My Piolet
Clint's Spinaci bars, so aero
Down by the Farm
Igor and his Campeur on singletrack
Grinding sand.


mike said...

these photos are great! where are you-- where's this park?? is the pig someone's pet, or bacon?...

VeloOrange said...

This is Kinder Farm Park, just north of Annapolis. It's an old farm and surrounding woodlands that's operated as a sort of living museum. The pig is a display along with sheep, goats, cows, poultry... There are only a few miles of proper trails, but you can do several loops to make it a ride.

Hic Rhodus! said...

Beautiful bikes and photos (as always)!

Sorry to drop a random question without warning... but I was wondering if you could tell me whether your "Randonneur Mini Front Rack" will work without problem with longer reach brakes (I'm using old Mafac Racer brakes ~70mm reach)? The space between the bolted ends of the rack legs and the fork crown attachment looks quite close. So I'm worried about whether they will pass by the brake legs/pads without any problem?


Unknown said...

Looks like you had fun.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't these jackasses wearing helmets? Good to know VO supports jeopardizing ones life (and all our healthcare costs) in the name of looking cool. Tell these bozos to lid up and act like adults. Ridiculous.