24 June, 2016

In Coming and Camping Out This Weekend!

by Scott

Our latest container is here. It had a ton of product on it including some items that had been out of stock:

Remember, if there is something out of stock, if you click on the "sign up here to get notified" button on the product page, you'll get an automatic email when it comes back into stock.

Also a reminder that the big Swift Campout is this weekend. A great excuse to get outside and go camping for a night or two. We have some folks out camping this weekend, so stay tuned next week for some photos of our camping adventures.
Clint's set up for camping this weekend
Any one heading out this weekend?


jonathansmith68 said...

I assume that you guys are working your way through all of the container's contents but would you happen to know if this shipment contained the Cigne stems and possibly some proto. Piolet racks? Thanks in advance!

VeloOrange said...

@ Jonathansmith68
We've got the container unpacked. No Cigne stems. The Cigne stems are hopefully coming in August. We are waiting on confirmation of a ship date. No prototype racks in the container.

jonathansmith68 said...

@VeloOrange Good to know. Thanks!