13 April, 2016

Buy Cheap Stuff, Go Camping, Mount Racks Easily

Yard Sale This Weekend
by Chris

Donuts have been ordered from the local Thai restaurant-they actually make the best in town. Espresso and drip coffee supplies are topped up. And we've been sorting through piles of great deals: components, accessories, frames, tires, racks...  So make plans to get out here this Saturday morning, April 16. The VO yard sale runs from 9am till 12pm rain or shine.

Swift Camp Vibes
by Clint
Swift Industries's annual campout is around the corner!  It doesn't matter where you are; you can participate.  On the longest day of the year, grab some friends and go ride off into the woods, wilderness, or wherever.  For more details, checkout Swift Industries website.  
Here are a couple photos of Igor & Adrian bike camping in Denmark for inspiration:

Now's a good time to start thinking about your weekend getaway.  Have fun out there!

Hardware Happenings
By Igor
I honestly shouldn't be this excited about hardware, but this kit from Surly is the bee's knees. It's perfect for those who want to mount the Porteur Rack to the fork blades either with braze-ons or with p-clamps for a super secure connection.
For the Constructeur Rear Rack, traditionally you would mount the rack directly to your fender, but if you need to bring your baguette, pickled herring, and lemon home and you happen to live in SoCal where rain is non-existent, you can mount the rack to the seatstay braze-ons or p-clamps. Depending on your braze-on's positions, you might need a couple spacers to get the strut straight so that it doesn't protrude into your panniers.


Practical Cycles said...

Tempted to fly across the pond - and not just for the donuts! Hope it goes well.

Trent Huckstep said...


For the Surly rack adapter, do the struts have to be completely perpendicular to the rack or could they be offset at an odd angle? (i.e. Could the struts make a 120° angle with regards to the rack instead of 90ish?)

VeloOrange said...


Yes, the struts do need to be perpendicular to the rack's tubing.

Rob at OAC said...

The point of intersection between struts needs to be perpendicular, BUT the struts can be bent or shaped to need, and the intersection can rotate around one of the axis of intersection. I love and use these often. One of the unsung heroes of the rack world IMO

Al H said...

Trying desperately to get my hands on some chocolate covered rich teas to bring over for this/Scott's stash. You guys might have to cope with chocolate digestives..!

David S said...

90 degrees as gospel? Ever set up a Nitto M18? I'm not sure why this matters.

VeloOrange said...

@David S

The Surly hardware attaches to a rod and not a threaded hole so it has to be 90 degrees. Very different hardware.