18 December, 2015

Clint's Porteur Hunter Disc

We East Coasters have had a ridiculously mild winter thusfar - sometimes with even higher temps than SoCal! That is until yesterday when it rained. So we made some lemonade from lemons and photographed Clint's Pass Hunter Disc prototype.

Warm & wet winter. Fender weather. 
Best drivetrain ever.
Salsa chainrings #MUSA
Click click.
Blink blink.

Drip drip.
They keep telling me my prototype build is weird, particularly the drivetrain. I started with the XTR rear derailleur. I knew I wanted to run that with dropbars. This lead to the Dynasys-compatible Gevenalle shifters. They've been pretty good so far: quick shifting, no complaints. I've always liked the early 2000s Campy cranks, and they're not hard to come by for a decent price, so I threw one of those on the front end. This one has some old #musa Salsa chainrings. Since I wanted the prototype to be a sporty touring bike, I needed to expand my range a bit, went with an 11-34 cassette and wrapped a couple chains around it for the giant gears. To finish it off, a Record front derailleur matches the crank.  Kind of a heavy drivetrain, but it's everything I wanted and more.  


Coline said...

Love the fancy bar ends....

s said...

For what it's worth - that looks like a great, no-nonsense build.

While I love integrated shifters on road bikes, Retroshift/Gevenalle shifters make so much sense for utility and touring bikes like these.

Pat said...

Very pretty. What brakes did you go with?

VeloOrange said...

TRP Spyres. The dual actuation is nice. Makes setup pretty easy. The stock pads didn't last long, but, as noted on TRP's website, they're not for mud & grime and I certainly put them through both of those.

Anonymous said...

What pedals are those?

VeloOrange said...


Sabot Pedals!