01 September, 2015

Midday Getaway

by Igor

Everyone needs a secret spot for a quick getaway close to home. Here's mine. It's just far enough to get a brisk ride in, but not so far that I have to worry making good time. How do you like take to midday vacations?

Perfect spot close to home
Can't ask for a better view
Pack simple
Ride light


David Pearce said...

I like it!

Interesting that the knife has a hole drilled in the handle for a leather lanyard. Mine does not at the moment.

Is that standard on some models or is it a homemade, personal solution?

VeloOrange said...

@David Pearce,
I just drilled a hole and put a scrap of elkhide leather through. If you want to do it yourself, drill a smaller pilot hole first so the bit doesn't wander. Takes just a minute to do!

Anonymous said...

Tell us about that hammock please!

VeloOrange said...

It's a Amazonas Traveller. I've had it for probably close to 10 years now. Super light, surprisingly durable, easy to set up, and easily packed.

Unknown said...

Nice article about cycling and relaxing, not racing "Enjoy Life!"

Unknown said...

Cycling should be about enjoying life. I am leaning how to do that. :-).

William Laviano said...

I have had an Amazonas Traveller hammock for ten years and it's still perfect. When I bought it it was the only hammock of its kind, and very affordable. Since then many more have come on the market, but I haven't been tempted to buy another even once. VO should carry it!

Anonymous said...

Bike, book, Opinel. Happiness!
Nothing like eating an apple with your pocket knife in the sun.
Well done.