05 August, 2015

Rustines Restock Received

by Igor

Just before France went on August holiday, we received a nice Rustines package. We've restocked on Rustines patch tins in the Small and Expedition sizes. We think the old world charm of their packaging and branding is superb. It's cool that it hasn't changed much in over 100 years.

We got some more Constructeur Grips, which are finally available in white. Quick tip for cleaning: spray on some diluted Simple Green or similar cleaner and wipe with a clean rag for a new pro look.
The worst feeling is when you've finally located the slow leak, you've sanded the area, you're ready to patch, only to find your glue is dried up in the tube. If you need more, we've got you covered. 5gr and 20gr cement tubes are now available.
We're going to get snazzy Rustines patch kit displays for shops. Details to come later in the month.
Customers have really liked the Rustines Caps, what do you think about this rose color?


JBHoren said...

I like the color. "Make it so."

Jofus Braylor said...

I haven't been able to get the Rustine's patches to stick. Is the procedure any different from Tip Top? I sand with the included rasp, apply glue, wait 3-5 minutes, and apply the patch, with the freshly peeled side against the inner tube. All three patches I've applied leaked immediately. I suspect either the rasp or the glue is at fault, as I've substituted a tip-top patch with the same results.

VeloOrange said...


3-5 min is far too long to let the glue dry. By then the glue is dry! Per the included instructions, 45sec is enough to let the glue get tacky and apply the patch. Hold the patch in place firmly for about 1 min, then insert tube as usual. Check out the instructions in the photos here: http://store.velo-orange.com/index.php/accessories/tools/rustines-small-tin-patch-kit.html

We've used these for 100psi road tires and 25psi fat tires with no further leaks.


Jofus Braylor said...

Ah! I didn't get (or more likely, I immediately threw away) those instructions. Thanks!

Jofus Braylor said...

I checked the data sheets for both glues, turns out they're quite different!

Rema Cold Vulcanizing Fluid

Rustine's Dissolutine

And knowing is half the battle.

George A said...

I like the rose cycling cap color. Will you stock those?

Unknown said...

Offering extra glue is great