25 March, 2015

Camargue Reviewed in Bicycle Times

By Chris

Bicycle Times reviewed the VO Camargue in the current, May 2015, issue. The review is overwhelmingly positive. It's not online yet, so you'll need to get a paper copy of the magazine to read the whole thing. Here are a few quotes:.
  • "This steel beauty has subtle refinements that give the impression of a custom steed without the price tag."
  • "From swoopy fork to lovely paint scheme and ability to set it up in myriad configurations, the Camargue is hitting above its weight in terms of visuals and bang for your buck..."
  • "...the bike feels solid yet responsive, especially weighed down."
  • "...solidly constructed making it great for everyday commuting, grocery getting, world touring, overnights, etc."
  • "It's stable, yet nimble, making it easy to strip down and take on your favorite mountain bike trail without fear of having too little bike."
  • " It's also fashionable enough to upstage the scenesters at your favorite coffee shop or watering hole..."
  • "...among the best offroad overnight bikes I've had the pleasure of riding."
  • "Overall the Camargue was a treat to ride."

I want to thank reviewer Stephen Haynes for writing such nice things about our bike. It's great that every review of a VO frame has been very very positive.

There are three things that I really strive for with each of our frames: We are obsessive about having them handle perfectly; they must be really well built and look right; and I set the price not at what the market will bear, but based on a reasonable profit, which I, and many reviewers, think makes them a bargain.
Speaking of bargains, don't forget the VO Garage Sale, this Saturday, March 28, 9am - noon!

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Wes Ewell said...

Very apt description of this bike. I finally finished mine, but still waiting for the snow and ice to melt here on Cape Cod. Click on my name to see photos and my construction blog.