27 January, 2015

Clint's Favorite Things

by Clint

We've decided we're going to have a few more of these favorite things posts.  I do a lot of city riding, so many of these items are influenced by that.

Postino bars were the first thing to come to mind for me.  They're sporty with a 0 rise, and elegant with their subtle curves; a perfect city bar in my opinion.  The angles are comfortable and the width is nice for wheelies.  I've got mine on an old Peugeot, but they also pair well with the Pass Hunter.

What matches up better with Postino bars than cork grips?  They're comfortable and look great.  You can shellac them if you're worried about them getting dirty, but personally I prefer them bare.  Of course, I also think white bar wrap looks good when it gets dirty.  It's like an old t-shirt you've worn so many times that it's broken in and soft.

Third on my list is set to arrive at headquarters within the next few days.  They've made appearances on a few other posts and at the Philly bike expo.  I'm very excited about the release of our Grand Cru disc hubs.  They're reliable, no-nonsense disc hubs that don't cost as much as a new bike.  Good Japanese bearings, tool-less servicing, and they look fantastic.

The zero setback seatpost is a more recent favorite of mine.  It's a simple and well designed seatpost.  The single bolt clamp is easy to work with and the ovalized tubing gives it extra strength.  Besides, the black gloss finish is so choice.  I probably bring up colors more than I should.  Just ask my coworkers.

This brings me to Fairweather tires.  These aren't your cheap-o colored rubber tires that you throw on your Walmart fixie.  They're real road and touring tires made by Panaracer.  The algae traveler tires are probably my favorite out of the bunch.  They're kind of blue and kind of green.  Depends on what light you have them in.  When paired with the right frame, they make the color really pop.


Anonymous said...

What width choices for the Grand Cru hubs?

VeloOrange said...

Standard 135mm for the hubs.

Bike Gimp WRC said...

Can the disc hubs be converted to bolt on?

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that the rear disc hub will convert to bolt-on?

VeloOrange said...

Sorry, the disc hubs are only QR.