11 December, 2014

Holiday Gifts

This is the time of year that many, myself included, struggle to think of things to give as holiday gifts. Fortunately, our family isn't really into elaborate gift giving; there's no giant pile of boxes under a Christmas tree. But we do have a tradition of exchanging a few small items to help celebrate the season. Anyway, here are a few suggestions for small gifts, some for cyclists and some for anyone. Our non-annual 20% off sale ends on Sunday, so this might be a good time to get those last few presents.

If you know anyone who has fenders on their bike you might consider the Grand Cru reflector. It really is lovely, a little jewel on the rear fender. The body is CNC cut from an aluminum billet and polished to a near-mirror finish.
The Velo Orange waxed canvas Croissant saddle bag is still my favorite piece of bike luggage. It's about the perfect size for a long day's ride with room for a tool kit and spare tube, a rain jacket, a wool cap, a small camera, a cell phone, and snacks.
Bells are a great gift and stocking stuffer. They are pretty, have a lovely tone, and offer a more pleasant way to say "on your left!" Our Temple bells are solid brass and we have models to mount on handlebar or stem.
Here's a great gift for anyone who loves good food. Fleur de Sel de Camargue is traditional French sea salt. that's harvested by hand from the salt plains of the Camargue region of France. Fleur de Sel has a higher mineral content then traditional table salt. Its shape is more crystalline than the coarse shape of Kosher salt.
Opinel pocket knives are a great gift for cyclist and non-cyclist alike. I've used one since I was a kid. They are, inexpensive, lightweight, and made from superb steel. They are are the standard knife of French farmers, hikers, foragers and cyclo-tourists. In fact, almost everyone who spends time in the countryside seems to have one. They've been made since 1890 in the town of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in the Rhône-Alpes.

By the way, if you're getting an Opinel knife for an oenophile, the #10  model with corkscrew is a great choice. I keep one in my handlebar bag.
Digital calipers are a must if you work on bikes, or most any other machines.

The Soto Helix coffee maker is lightweight and folds flat. It's made in Japan from stainless steel and uses a standard filter. Great for bike touring or backpacking.

 T-shirts are great for showing your love of VO products off the bike and around town.  These are organic cotton tee's that we wear around the shop and at shows. Available in small to XL.

Finally, if you can't decide, there is always the option of a VO gift certificate.

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