03 November, 2014

New Facette Fenders

by Igor

These classic facetted-style aluminum fenders are based on an old French design. In the 700c x 45mm size, they have a simple, elegant pattern that's lovely on both classic and modern bikes - a good choice if you want a look that's fancier than smooth fenders, yet still understated.

Keen VO followers would notice a similarity to our Zeppelin 52mm fenders
Keener observers notice that the Zeppelins are 52mm wide vs the Facette's 45mm. Not all frames can clear a wider fender, so we designed a slightly narrower fender to fit more frames. A 45mm wide fender is a great middle ground for a 35-25mm tire.

The keenest observers will notice the facet arrangement of each style. The Facetted fenders sport a middle facet as opposed to the Zeppelin's center ridge. Not a huge difference, but just enough.

The facets of the our Zeppelin and new Facetted fenders lend very well to painting and pinstriping. JP Weigle, one of the best custom builders in the US, has some fantastic examples of custom paintwork and modification of our Zeppelin fenders.


Anonymous said...

Look is very similar to the Lefol/Honjo Le Paon style fenders you used to have in stock. (http://velo-orange.blogspot.fi/2008/05/few-new-products.html)

stevep33 said...

Zeppelin fenders cover Hetres perfectly.
and JPW's modified Zeppelin on my pretty blue bike above is quite something. Stunning craftsmanship.

Unknown said...

These are really good looking

Anonymous said...

Received mine today! What is the color code for the Pass Hunter?

VeloOrange said...

The paint company that is used does not sell in the US, so any code would not relate to a US paint company.

Unknown said...

Is there any chance I would be able to install these fenders (facette) on my 26" wheels? Thanks!

VeloOrange said...

@Pam Allan,

Not really. The radius between 26" and 700c is too great. You would be better off using either a 26" sized fender, or using a 650b and re-radiusing per this blog post: http://velo-orange.blogspot.com/2017/01/re-radiusing-fenders.html