02 September, 2014

Using the Six-Pack rack

By Clint

We've had some questions about how to secure your goods.  All you need is a bungee chord and the bag your beverages came with.  Here are a few photos.

Secured and ready to ride
12 oz cans have a lower center of gravity and they're already strapped together.  Not a huge chance of these things falling out, but we still recommend tying them down.

Low gravity beverages
Our friend Eric loaded up his bike with some pear cider, Chilean wine, and Mexican tequila. He's living on the edge securing his six-pack with only a bungee chord; a little risky in our eyes, but it's a darn good looking build.
"Alchoholica" by Eric
We've also been asked what camera bag fits the rack. Igor's been using this Lowepro Rezo 170 AW for a while (which fits perfectly into the Grand Cru Handlebar Bag by the way) because it's simple, lightweight, and comes with a water resistant cover which is tucked into a secret compartment. It's almost like it was destiny.
Remember, there's no use in crying over spilled milk; however, it's perfectly normal to shed tears over broken bottles.


Virgil Staphbeard said...

I've got that camera bag!

RoadieRyan said...

I have cried over broken bottles launched from a front rack after hitting a pothole. Ride thirsty, and securely, my friends

Jon said...

Can I ask where one can get that unique bungee cord? Do you sell it? Couldn't find it anywhere on the site ...