19 August, 2014

New Seatposts and Wheels. Microfiber Saddles Back in Stock.

by Igor

This week will be a week of new products. To start, Zero Setback Seatpost in Silver and Noir are here. They use a neat, simple adjustment mechanism and feature an integral head and post. The seatpost weighs a nice 295g for 400mm of length. Minimum insertion is 100mm from the bottom.

We also have some new wheels built around our Touring Hubs and Escapade Rims. They're the perfect match to the Camargue frameset.

Lastly, our Microfiber Touring Saddles are back in stock.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be *argent* et noir? Or something like that?

John said...

Glad these are back in stock. Love microfiber saddles.