30 October, 2013

Frame Comparison

With all of these new frames coming out (Pass Hunter and Camargue), we decided it would be helpful to put together a frame comparison matrix. The frame comparison tool can be found on our tech page (and below). While you're over there you may notice that we also put up the geometry for the Pass Hunter. Astute readers will also notice that frame comparison matrix contains some yet unreleased geometry for the Camargue.

The Pass Hunters should be in within a week or two. Our distributor in Thailand already received Pass Hunters and he sent us this picture of the frame he intends to build up for himself.

It looks like the Crazy Bars should be here around mid-November.

Frame Capabilities

Frame Passhunter Polyvalent Campeur Camargue
Max tire size with fenders (Intended Tire Size) [mm] 32 38 38 54(2.1")
Wheel Size 700c 650b 700c Size 56, 59, 62 - 700c (29")
Size 47, 50, 53 - 26"
Brake Mounts Cantilever Cantilever Cantilever Cantilever
Rear Dropouts Vertical Horizontal Vertical Horizontal
Kickstand Plate No Yes Yes No

Geometry Highlights

Frame Passhunter Polyvalent Campeur Camargue
Trail (With Intended Tire Size) [mm] 56 37 56 56
Chainstay Length [mm] 435 445 460 Size 56, 59, 62 - 460
Size 47, 50, 53 - Pending Testing
BB Drop [mm] 75 67 82 Size 56, 59, 62 - 70
Size 47, 50, 53 - 40

Mounting Capabilities

Frame Passhunter Polyvalent Campeur Camargue
Rear Dropout Eyelets 1 2 2 2
Seatstay Eyelets Internal External (spool) External (spool) External (spool)
Fork Dropout Eyelets 1 - lower 2 2 2
Mid-fork Eyelets No Yes Yes Yes
Water Bottle Cage Mounts 2 2 3 3


Mike the Bike PT said...

Wow, that's a nice looking frame. I love the head badge and the seat tube decal. I might have to change my plans for the "Next Bike".

Wes Ewell said...

Do you have an ETA on the new rims for the Camargue?

Unknown said...

Have the Pass Hunter tubing specs (diameter, wall thickness) been made public? If not, can they be?

Anonymous said...

Point of Fact:

I ride a Campeur with a 40c tire: the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme...with a Hammered Velo Orange Fender and a Tubus Rack. NO PROBLEM, and room to spare.

Just sayin'...

The Pass Hunter looks GREAT!!

Brian Sims said...

Great idea on the product matrix. ;)

VeloOrange said...


We've run a similar setup, without a problem, but in my experience the Schwalbe Marathon's tend to run narrower than advertised. However, in general the larger frame sizes have slightly larger tire clearances.

@Brian Sims

Thanks for the idea, I hope it helps!


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for the head tube lengths to be included in the geometry chart for the Pass Hunter. I'm specifically interested in the 53 cm size.

Peter C said...

The figures for the Campeur do not sound quite right. I thought you designed it with a larger than normal fork rake so that it would have a lower than normal trail. Yet, you list the trail as 56mm which is higher than normal. Is there something I am not understanding?

recur said...

Which frame is in the picture?
Is that the 51cm?

VeloOrange said...


We prefer not to list head tube length because we believe that it can be misleading for bike fit. Please shoot us an email at info@velo-orange.com to request this info.

@Peter C

All things being relative, 56mm trail is still fairly low by comparison to other frames on the market. We generally refer to it as mid-trail. For a truly low trail bike I would suggest looking at the Polyvalent.


That is a 51cm frame in the picture.

Chai said...

What is the stand over height of the camargue size 53 and 56?

VeloOrange said...


We have not yet confirmed the designs for the Camargue. Once everything is confirmed and the finished frames are in production we will post the full Geometry for the Camargue.

Aaron said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the geometry. So far It's looking like it might make a good frame for 650b wheels (pretty much all I have), although I wonder if it has any advantages over the Polyvalent. If nothing else a shorter top tube and sizing that goes a bit smaller than 51cm might be enough. My Poly is now a dedicated city bike, and I love it, but setting it up for randonneuring was a literally a bit of a stretch for me.

Other Aaron said...

The preliminary geometry for the Camargue indicates it will have a pretty tall BB.

70mm of drop on the 700c versions with a 2.1 tire means it'll be more than an inch higher than the Campeur's 82mm with 38c tires, which is pretty dang tall (Campeur is on the low side, though that's somewhat mitigated by the large-ish tires spec'd for it.)

I'm not familiar with typical 29er MTB geometry or that of similar 29er touring frames (there aren't too many I would guess) but is the idea to shoot for the high side for folks that want a lot of ground clearance for rough stuff? Interested in how those geo. decisions are arrived at.

In any case it seems well thought out as evidenced by the sloping TT and chosen ST lengths - keep the front end up high without losing standover clearance. Seems like they'll fit a lot like the Campeur by going "down" a size.

Happy Campeur (owner),
Curious 'bout the Camargue,
Other Aaron

PS I live on the West Coast but happen to be visiting family about an hour from Annapolis - I really hoped to visit the showroom for a chat and a test ride but alas I can't make it during open hours.

I'd come to the Expo but probably can't go for a ride in there and I think I'd rather spend my day riding my dad's old Trek MTB on the singletrack at White Clay Creek (the trails are really sweet if you guys haven't got out there yet - lots of great trailwork happening there thanks to the Trailspinners and other volunteers)

Unless of course you wanna lend me that 59cm Camargue for the day - I could take some nice woodsy photos and promise I'll try not to nick the paint...