20 August, 2013

Green is the new black

by Scott

We've been selling the wonderful Tressostar cotton tape for a few years now and love it. This past spring, Chris and Casey were in Taiwan for the Taipei Cycle Show and happened past the Tressostar booth. There, much to their delight, they discovered a color that our US distributor did not have - Green. Darker then a celeste green, it can be described as an emerald green, a color reminiscent of Irish fields or the needles on a Douglas-fir tree.

C & C thought the color was great and brought back a sample for all of us to look at. We all thought it looked great and, since a green like this seems not to be available anywhere else, we ordered some to come to us direct from France. This took a bit longer than we had hoped - we missed the spring season when green is in bloom - but it is finally here.

Myself, I love green. I have green bits on my randonneur bike, and my touring bike is painted green. 
I love how the color green can both blend into places and also stand out. 

So I'm excited to have green tape to put on my bars. We tried out the tape with shellac on it to see how it turned out and the results are below (shellac'd on the left, untreated on the right)

Now up on the web store here


Terry said...

nice looking. one coat of shellac? which bars are you using there?

RonW said...

Clear shellac or amber? Looks really sharp whichever it is.

David E said...

Looks like a perfect match for an old green Raleigh.

VeloOrange said...

One coat of amber shellac was used

Anonymous said...

The shellacked tape matches my army green LHT perfectly! I might need to pick up a roll or two.

John B.