10 July, 2013

Campeur Reviewed in Adventure Cyclist, Updated

The VO Campeur got a great review in the July issue of Adventure Cyclist. It was written by Charles Pelkey, a very experienced touring cyclist and former senior editor at VeloNews. Unfortunately there isn't an on-line version of the article yet, so I'll type out a few short quotes below.

"...It's a bike that reflects a thoughtful, even joyful approach to design."

" Fully loaded, the bike tracks beautifully."

"...I hit a downhill stretch where, when I last rode it fully loaded, the bike I was on shimmied unmercifully. No such problem with the Campeur."

"...It's simply fun to ride. Unloaded the Campeur is is a perfectly delightful commuter or something one might use for a nice day ride."

"...the bike was clearly created by people who ride and, above all, respect the integration of form and function."

"The Velo Orange racks are exquisite and perfectly matched to the bike itself."

"...were I forced to limit myself to a single bike, this may well be the leading candidate."

It's one thing to read a positive review, but how much did the writer really like our bike? In this case a lot.  After testing it Charles bought a VO Campeur for himself.

By the way, Adventure Cyclist is a great magazine that's actually devoted to offering information related to cycle touring. It's a refreshing contrast to publications that are mostly devoted to selling as much of their advertiser's stuff as possible while providing little useful information. You'll need to join the Adventure Cycling Association to get the magazine, not a bad deal.

UPDATE: The Adventure Cycling review of the Campeur is now on line.


Unknown said...

The picture in the blog post appears to be blocked by a password.

VeloOrange said...

That's so the NSA can't see it ;<)

I think it's fixed now

J ustin. said...

While I am glad that the VO Frame got a great review (and it definitely deserves it) I can't help but think there's a specific, quarterly magazine that you're taking a potshot there at the end. Sometimes I feel like ignoring people like that is the better choice rather than taking a potshot at them.

Just a thought.

-Justin, longtime buyer/supporter/fan

VeloOrange said...

Justin, I was thinking of some bike magazines I browsed while at the supermarket. I don't think any of them are quarterlies. The only quarterly I pay attention to is the Paris Review.

That said, I'm really disappointed by the current state of print magazines in general, even my old favorites like National Geographic and the Atlantic Monthly seem to decline every year. At least the New Yorker is still okay.

Unknown said...

Yep I can see the pic now. Of course so can the NSA, and the crew of the space station, and....

Anonymous said...

yes, but does it plane?

Tim Joe Comstock said...

You guys at VO are like favorite nieces and nephews that I hope to see do well. And you are. I mean I do. I mean...

Somebody go hug Chris and thank him. The guy is some kind of wizard.


VeloOrange said...

Tim, Thanks, but it's not me; it's our staff.

I only have a few rules of business. Number two is: Always try to hire people who are smarter and more knowledgeable than you are.

VeloOrange said...

Anon. All VO frames plane, though some riders may need herbal assistance before they feel it.

With the new fork crown on the Pass Hunter, we expect it will bi-plane.

Anonymous said...

Yep, marvelous article and I agree, a super magazine AND organization.
My only criticism is of the pics of the bike. The racks are obviously not fitted to the frame to properly attach the fenders to them. With your tang design (multiple holes) it is certainly possible and still achieve the lovely fender line arch - as we all know, another necessity for true planing.
Bruce R

mikebike said...

@Velo Orange,
Yes but you have to agree that some herbs plane better than others.

Great bike review BTW! well deserved.

Charity said...