01 March, 2013

Blank Plume Alaire Design Contest

Many classic French city bikes had beautiful chainguards with the manufacturer's logo. In that tradition we made this blank Plume Alaire chainguard for frame builders and others who want to add their own logo or graphics. The chainguards are highly polished aluminum so you can etch, engrave, or paint them. You could even make a circular decal to fit.

With not much to discuss at yesterday's staff meeting, we speculated on fun chainguard graphics. Casey created the example below, but we'd like to see what our customers might come up with.
So we welcome anyone who would like to try their hand at a design or logo. We'll pick the one we like most and post it on the blog in about 4 weeks. This is only for fun; VO won't use anyone's artwork. The winner gets a $100 VO gift certificate plus a chainguard (blank, or not, as you prefer).

You don't need to buy a chainguard to participate. Simply download the .png files of the chainguard's outline. The basic png file can be found here. And here is a file with dimensions. To enter, email us a .jpg or .png file with your design.

Update: The last day of the contest is 4/1/13


Shu-Sin said...

Is it a competition to make a beautiful chainguard in general, or is it that VO may use it? I'm asking because I have my own logo that I would like to create on this blank chainguard, so I'm not sure if that's appropriate.
Please clarify.

VeloOrange said...

Shu-Sin, The design should use your logos or artwork or graphics. They are not for VO to use.

John said...

Very cool concept for a contest! What about those of us who prefer to work in the analog world? Will pics of pen and ink drawings be considered?

VeloOrange said...

Pen and ink drawings are fine.