21 December, 2012

Merry Holidays and VO is Moving

All of us at Velo Orange wanted to wish our customers, staff, and friends happy holidays and a prosperous new year. Today is the last day of the year for VO. (We'll be closed until Jan. 2nd). We also wanted to thank our customers for another great year. Thanks to you, we've grown every year since the VO was founded, almost 7 years ago.

In fact, we've now outgrown three locations. In February, VO world headquarters will move to a new warehouse/office space that is twice as large. The new space is only about a mile away from our current one and will be easy to visit; there is even a bike lane out front. We look forward to having a permanent photo studio, air conditioning in the warehouse, and a nice open office layout. More details next year.

Again, thanks for your support and feedback.


Martin said...

All the best for the holidays and beyond. Good luck with the move.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays and congratulations on the move!

Mark said...

Best of luck Velo-Orange! I always appreciate your attention to detail and great product line up.

philcycles said...

Happy New Year to a great business. Your products have flair and style and I'm proud to have them on my bicycles.
Phil Brown

John I said...

Cool. When's the garage sale this year?