21 November, 2012

VO Closed over Thanksgiving

VO World Headquarters will be closed Thursday the 22nd for Thanksgiving and Friday the 23rd due to overconsumption of Thanksgiving goods. We will re-open Monday the 26th.

If you feel so inclined to participate in that other Thanksgiving pastime, shopping, you might be interested to know that new Grand Cru 50.4 Crankset MKII as well as our Drillium cranksets are in stock

Happy Thanksgiving. 


misterarthur said...

Thanks for closing on Thanksgiving - giving us all more thankful for the things we have.

Noah said...

Any idea when or if you will have the new 50.4 cranks without the rings? Looking for a 165mm length which have been out of stock in the older cranks.

Karl Fundenberger said...

Ha! Great photo.