10 October, 2012

Polyvalent Review Bike for Sale, 59cm

This MK1 Polyvalent was built by us to send to a publication for review. It got a good review (though it's not viewable on-line without a subscription), but the publication took some 11 months to return the bike. We've checked the bike over and it appears to have been ridden less than 100 miles. It's set up as a multi purpose bike for use as a commuter or tourer. The fenders were bent in return shipping and so are not included.

Highlights of the build include a Model 1 saddle, Polyvalent crank, 105 hubs, Pari-Moto tires etc. A full list follows. It's available for $1200.

  • Frame: 59cm Polyvalent MK1 frame & fork
  • Rear Wheel: Shimano 105 hub, Diagonale Rim, 650b, 36 hole
  • Front Wheel: Shimano 105 hub, Diagonale Rim, 650b, 32 hole
  • Tires: 650 x 38b  Pacenti Parimoto, virtually brand new
  • Shifters: Dia-Compe smooth bar-ends
  • Crankset: VO Polyvalent Double, 170mm, 46x30T 
  • Cassette: 8 speed
  • Rear Derailleur: Tiagra
  • Front Derailleur: FSA Compact Double
  • Headset: Grand Cru Sealed Bearing
  • Stem: VO Threadless Adaptor + 80mm threadless +/- 6 degree
  • Handlebar: Grand Cru Course 46cm
  • Brakes: Tektro CR720 Cantilevers, Grand Cru Constructeur Hangers
  • Brake Levers: Tektro RL340
  • Saddle: VO Model 1, Honey
  • Handlebar Tape: Tressostar Cotton, Brown
  • Pedals: VO Touring 
  • Bell: Brass Spring w/ headset spacer
  • Kickstand: VO Porteur


Anonymous said...

why so mysterious/evasive about the publication? if they wrote a "good review" why not give them the props? it seems strange that you won't scratch their back even though they're scratching yours? hell, why not mention their name regardless of how good or bad the review was because you believe in your products? what's going to make them want to review your bikes again in future if this is how you treat them?

VeloOrange said...

Nothing mysterious, the publication was Rupert Murdoch's "The Daily". When a publication takes 11 months and a half-dozen e-mail requests to return a review bike I don't give them props, and won't send them anything else for review.

BTW, this never happens with bike blogs or bike publications that review our stuff. They are always polite and prompt.

Anonymous said...

It's the Daily. VO tweeted it some months ago. Glad they finally got the bike back.

Stan T. said...

Just to be clear, Rupert Murdoch personally held this bike hostage, right?

Trailer Park Cyclist said...

Whatever the case, someone will be getting a pretty good deal on a damn fine bicycle. My size, too.

Do I detect undercurrents of hostility in the peanut gallery? I don't know who Anonymous is, but I see him all over the internet and he never seems to have anything nice to say.

Neither does Rupert Murdoch, for that matter. I'm glad you got that little darlin' back from the evil clutches of the Dark Empire.

On the other hand, if you loaned that bike to me for review I would write ten reviews, anthropomorphize it, name it, claim it can talk, teach it to drink tequila, show it several new dance steps and have it back (freight collect) inside of six months.

But she will never be the same and will always (from then on) have a wistful disposition and a yearning for the far horizon. She will cuss in Spanish and make demands of her rider that require Herculean effort. She will tend to drift towards the shady side of town and have a tendency to pull into trailer parks and snuggle with seedy mobile homes.

Nothing can be done about it. Let me know.


Tom M said...

What is the length of the top tube? The geometry shows sizes 57 and 60, but not 59. Thanks.

VeloOrange said...

Top tube is 59cm.

John Hanson said...

Apropos of nothing in this post (sorta) I'm pretty sure the bike in pic no. 24 is a poly-v.