22 June, 2012

In Stock

We know a lot of you have been waiting for VO wheels. We finally got our big shipment from the wheel builders so most wheels are now in stock. Sorry that they've been out of stock for so long,
We also have those top tube protectors I wrote about recently. We're making them in a new type of leather called oil tan. It's made for chaps and meant to take a lot of abuse. They look really looks nice. 
That's all.


Nick said...

When you were installing the top tube protector on the green bike, how did you work around the cable stops?

Pierce said...

What about the RAID front wheels?

VeloOrange said...

Nick, simply use a razor knife to cut a slot for the cable stop.

Pierce, we won't have the front Raid wheels until later this summer.

Anonymous said...

Any weight figures on the HiLo wheelset?